Create Effective Ad Groups for Google Ads

Effective Ad Groups will drive more traffic and lead at lower costs, as well as increase the conversion rate.

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Create Effective Ad Groups for Google Ads

A Few Good Reasons to Choose Us

15 Years of PPC Campaign Optimization Experience

15 Years of PPC Campaign Optimization Experience

With our expertise, get the most value for every click, deliver better experiences for users, get more conversions, and spend less on clicks.

SKAG Optimization

SKAG Optimization

We organize your ad groups properly. Perfectly organized ad groups are key for effective optimization of your conversion rate. If you are working with SKAGs, we have the tools to manage them efficiently.

Increasing Ad Performance

Increasing Ad Performance

We will start your campaign optimization by extracting only best performing keywords. Then we regroup them into groups with the highest level of relevance.

Keyword Grouping for Google Ads

Keyword Grouping for Google Ads

We start by clustering your keywords by themes. Our grouping will help you to avoid overlap in targeted searches. Perfect keyword groups will target only relevant search queries saving you thousands on CPC. You will receive a CSV file ready to be published.

Services to Optimize Your Campaigns

We will make sure that all your keywords are grouped perfectly to achieve the highest Google Ads performance. Highest PPC campaign performance starts with perfect ad groups.

Keyword research for SEO

Keyword Grouping for Google Ads

Grouping thematically related keywords is essential to the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Having accurate keyword groups and building best matching ads will greatly impact your campaign efficiency.

Keyword research for google ads

Ad Groups and Landing Page Matching

Our keyword grouping and matching will help you to resolve most of the landing page experience issues. Achieve perfect relevance with the accurate ad group and landing page matching.

Campaign Optimization Process

Step 1

Fill in the form to request an estimate. We will ask you for your Google Ads Campaign ID.

Step 2

We evaluate the scope of your Google Ads optimization and provide you with an estimate. If our offer is accepted, we will extract converting keywords and all landing pages URLs.

Step 3

We will regroup your keywords into perfect groups. We will create new ads and match keyword groups to the most relevant landing pages.

Step 4

We will send you a new campaign file ready to be published to Google Ads Editor.

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