We Make SKAGs Possible

Single Keyword Ad Groups segment your campaign and make it more relevant. SKAGs are great for small campaigns but hard to manage when campaigns get big. We have the right tools and services to make creating and managing SKAGs productive.

100% money back guarantee

100% money back guarantee!

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100 percent money back guarantee
We Make SKAGs Possible

Improve Google Ads Campaigns with Effective SKAGs

What is SKAG?

What is SKAG?

Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) is a strategy of using super specific keyword groups in Google Ads. Only one keyword triggers an ad.

Better Way of Using SKAGs

Better Way of Using SKAGs

When your PPC campaign gets large, you will spend hours splitting groups and managing them one by one. Using SKAG method, you will face a lot of manual work. There is also a risk of duplicate keywords and conflicting match types. We have developed a way to manage hundreds or thousands of SKAGs.

Automating SKAG Management Process

Automating SKAG Management Process

Our in-house built tool has invaluable features for smooth SKAG set up and management. We automate most parts of the SKAG campaign process. The only thing you will need to take care of is managing bids.

Ad Group Best Practices

Ad Group Best Practices

Our approach to structuring keywords and ad groups is highly effective. Every group we create has relevant keywords only. It might include only one or several closely related keywords. Our keyword grouping process begins with the highest relevance and accuracy, therefore we deliver high Quality Score, Landing Page Experience, and relevance.

Features and Services to Create SKAGs

We make sure to give you all the tools and guidance to create and manage single keyword ad groups. We will create perfect ads and match your landing pages to relevant ad group.

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Automatic Ad Creation

We create thousands of relevant ads in minutes, not days. We make sure that ad text matches keyword and user intent. You will get headlines, descriptions, and display URLs.

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Ad group and Landing Page Matching

Stop wasting money on low Quality Score and Landing Page Experience issues. Transform your Search Ads Campaign results by having impeccably relevant, accurate groups matched to the best relevant pages.

Creating SKAGs is a time-consuming and tedious job. Let us do it for you.

Step 1

Contact us to request the service.

Step 2

Provide us with a list of your keywords or SKAGs. If you don't have them yet, we can extract relevant keyword ideas for you.

Step 3

We will analyze keywords and cluster them into perfect groups. Then we create ads and match them to the best landing pages.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with the results, we will send you a campaign file in CSV or Google Ads Editor file.

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