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If you are tired of all the simplistic keyword research tools out there, this is the tool for you.

Geperion keyword research, grouping, and mapping tools bring unbeatable value by dramatically reducing manual tasks, whilst greatly improving the performance of PPC campaigns and Landing Pages. Your CTR, Quality Score and Landing Page Experience will soar, and your spending costs will plummet.


Get a Fully Complete and Highly Relevant Keywords Tree

Discover, build and prioritize the most complete lists of high-quality and relevant keywords with Geperion and the help of our experts. You provide us with a few case-defining keywords, and we use them as seed keywords to search for new ideas until there are no more relevant keywords found. Our tool is well-equipped to find misspelled keywords, mixed language search queries, synonyms, negatives, and long-tails.

Achieve the Perfect Ad Campaign Relevance

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on ads every month on inaccurate keyword targeting, low Quality Score and Landing Page Experience issues. Transform your Search Ads Campaign results by having impeccably relevant, accurate groups matched to the best relevant pages. Perfect relevancy means better conversion rates. With our automated expanded ads' creation tool, you will be creating thousands of relevant and competitive ads in a matter of minutes.


Map your Keywords for Winning Content and Page Matching

We organize your groups of keywords into a relationship tree and map them into topically relevant clusters. You get a clear list of pillar and landing pages to create in the future. For your new campaigns, we suggest group names, URLs, and page titles automatically. With the relationship tree, you get an automated and complete map of your website, plus, SEO friendly internal linking to ensure low click depth for all your landing pages.

Save on Costs with Group-Level Negatives

Accurate keyword groups and group-level negatives are paramount to your PPC campaign success. Increase productivity, relevance, and conversion rates while reducing the cost. Group-level negatives make ad groups perform in the best way possible. Having highly relevant groups with negatives means reflecting the intent perfectly, avoiding search terms leaking, increasing quality score, landing page experience, and saving money.


Get Deep Knowledge of your Business

With our tool, you will learn more about your business than ever before. It will help you prioritize new features and content creation, saving you money in the long run. By conducting keyword research with Geperion, you will learn more about your business from a customer’s perspective as well as your market, projected traffic, and scope. Since you get all the possible keywords related to your target, you’ll know everything there is to know about your niche, product, and competition. This is a vital part for product owners, investors, and marketing specialists.

Increase Website Traffic with Relevant Landing Pages

With a carefully created keyword tree, you can see what people are seeking online. We know that landing pages are one of the most important parts of your website. That's why Geperion has a landing page content creation tool that helps you to increase traffic and create more relevant landing pages in minutes. You can also use our keyword tree to optimize your existing pages for better search engine rankings and better landing page experience.


Increase Keyword Quality Score up to 10 

With unique keyword groups, you can match to existing ones or create new, unique content that Google loves. Geperion groups similar words the same way that Google does. It creates clusters of keywords with the same meaning, including similar and implied words. Automated group-level negatives prevent triggering search terms in the wrong groups, which often leads to a decrease in Ad Quality Score and Landing Page Experience. Our tests show that accurate grouping with group-level negatives increases the quality score by up to 10!


Out-Perform Your Competition

What you get with Geperion is beyond a keyword research. We find every single relevant keyword including all long-tail keywords with low competition and arrange them into an information tree. This data management structure allows you to build successful ad and content campaigns based on references. By targeting extremely specific keywords you will reach the untapped potential missed by your competitors. Building pages for large numbers of long-tail keywords requires a lot of resources. Luckily, we have the technology to create thousands of pages in a matter of days.

Synchronize Changes in Ad Groups and Save a Ton of Time

With Geperion, it is easy to make changes in your ad groups because they are automatically synchronized. Replace keywords, URLs in ads, and match better pages. You don’t need to change ad groups one by one. Imagine how much time you’ll save, especially if you are managing multiple campaigns and accounts. Save even more time using Geperion integration with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.


Adapt to the Changing Market

With the changing market, you get new results and additional keywords. Everything in your campaign is automatically adjusted, new groups are created, and the old ones regrouped if needed. As new keywords  appear, we will automatically detect them, add them to existing groups or create new  groups  automatically. You  will  only  need  to manage ad bids and monitor the performance.

Prioritize Keyword Groups for your Campaigns

Geperion gives you all the tools to prioritize ad groups for your campaigns. By having all the relevant groups, you will know what campaigns need to be created. To win against your competition, you might need to create thousands of them, so we have automated the decision-making process. We determine your scope based on keyword volume, keywords and groups difficulty score, and the resources you have. Whenever your availability and resources increase, Geperion will automatically adjust the priorities list.


Keyword Research Tool is Just a Beginning

Our powerful Geperion keyword research and grouping tool is only the first step. Our mission is to create a content automation solution to remove most of the human intervention from content creation.​ We are working on an automation tool that allows you to create thousands of unique landing pages and ads in just a few days. If that sounds like a dream to you, keep an eye on us!