ETA2RSA Quick Guide and FAQ

How it Works:
ETA2RSA converter is a browser-based app from our Geperion platform that will create new Ads in new Google Responsive Search Ad format (RSA). Existing Old Text and Expanded Text Ads cannot be created and edited starting June 30, 2022. ETA2RSA Converter by Geperion will save hours and days of work per campaign for a fraction of the cost. You can use ETA2RSA converter with unlimited amount of Google Ads Accounts and Campaigns. ETA2RSA converter will merge existing Ads headline and descriptions into new RSA. Converted RSA Ads will match all Google RSA requirements, if your old text Ads are compliant as well. You just need to import your existing Campaign Ads that you want to convert to ETA2RSA Converter, and the rest is mostly automatic.
Why Google RSA is better?
- The Free DEMO version will create up to 5 random RSA Ads. Upgrade to Premium to remove any limitations
- Ads that are using Ad URL options are currently not supported. Please contact us on Telegram if you want this feature enabled.

Guide: (up to 10-20 minutes per campaign)
Step 1: Import Ads (up to 1-5 minutes)
1. Get your campaign Ads from Google Ads:
1.1 Sign into your Google Ads account from your desktop/laptop browser
1.2 Select and login to Google Ads Account you wish to work with
1.3 Select the performance period if you wish to created ads based on their performance. At least 90 days is recommended.
1.4 Switch to the Ads & Extensions for All Campaigns
1.5 Use filters to select Ads you want to use. Ad status: Enabled/Enabled, Paused, All; Campaign name (make sure you select only one campaign and filter out the others); Labels, etc. Please note that you need at least 3 ads per group to make best RSAs possible
1.6 Add ALL Missing Columns: Campaign ID, Ad ID, Ad Group ID, Clicks, Impr., CTR, Conversions, Conv.rate, Ad strength,  Label, Final URL, All conv.value
1.7 Download .csv file. Depending on your campaign size it may take up to 2-5 minutes Import Ad Report .CSV file to ETA2RSA Converter. ! IMPORTANT: Do not open .csv file in Microsoft Excel.

2. Import Ad Report .CSV file to ETA2RSA Converter
Step 2: Select Rules (up to 1 minute)
2.1 Select Sample Size. Maximum number of existing Group Ads that will be selected to merge. Default 4 Ads. If you have less than 4 Ads in a specific group, Universal Headlines and Descriptions will be used. Universal Headlines you will manually create in the next Resources step will be used to create RSA Ad.
2.2. Select How Groups Ads will be filtered and selected.
2.3.1 By Clicks (Recommended) - Ads with the most will be selected. If Ads have no clicks, then Ads with most Impressions will be chosen. If Ads have no impressions, then Ads will be chosen randomly.
2.3.2 Most Value (Prioritize the Value) - Ads with most All Conversion Value will be selected. If no value, then Ads with Most clicks will be selected.  If Ads have no clicks, then Ads with most Impressions will be chosen. If Ads have no impressions, then Ads will be chosen randomly.
2.3.3 Best Conv. Rate - Ads with the best Conversion Rate will be selected. If no Conversions, then Ads with Most clicks will be selected.  If Ads have no clicks, then Ads with most Impressions will be chosen. If Ads have no impressions, then Ads will be chosen randomly.
2.3.4 Best CTR. - Ads with the best CTR will be selected. If Ads have no clicks, then Ads with most Impressions will be chosen. If Ads have no impressions, then Ads will be chosen randomly.
Step 3: Resources (up to 3-5 minutes)
If in some Ads Groups, you have not enough Ads to create an RSA you will need to create Universal Headlines and Universal Descriptions that will be used in all RSA Ads for all these groups. Make sure to create universal headlines and descriptions that will be relevant to your all campaign and will fit any of your Ad group. Put dots at the end of each sentence. You can open all your Campaign's Ads in Google Ad, as you do when you export them and check for most performing Ads and Copy and modify their Headlines/ Descriptions. For Headlines use the most popular keywords in your groups and change default Map in Pin make them unique.
Important: You cannot use the same Headlines and Descriptions that you already have. Your headlines are limited to 30 symbols, Descriptions to 90. It is recommended by Google not to Pin any headlines as this will decrease diversity and Ad Strength. For maximum Ad strength add 7 various Headlines and choose No Pin in Map and Pin Headlines for Headline 1 Mapping. For better Ad strength, use phrases from the different ideas sections (+).
3.1 Add all Universal Headlines and Descriptions
3.2 If you want, you can Pin all or only selected Headlines and Descriptions that come from your Text and ETA Ads. By default, the settings is Auto. Auto means your Headline 1 and Description 1 from your Text and ETA Ads is Pinned and will be shown only in position 1. This is Recommended selection to make sure your group keywords (if you use keywords to create your old Ads headlines) will be shown always in position 1.
3.3 Add your existing Campaign Name (Optional). It will help if you use Google Ads Editor to import Ads to your Campaign.
3.4 Add ETA2RSA Label (Optional) to filter and review Ads after you filter them. Make sure to create this Label in your Google Ads Account before going to the next step.
3.5 Click the Next button.
Step 4: Get Results (up to 1-3 minutes)
4.1 Select Maximum ads per group. 1 RSA Ad per group is recommended.
4.2 Click Convert.
4.3 Save All Ads to your Computer, where you can easily find and remember the file name.
4.4 Restart the wizard to make Ads for the Next Campaign.
Step 5: Upload ETA2RSA Ads to Google Ads (up to 1-3 minutes)
5.1 In Google Ads (browser). Open Campaign that you are creating Ads for. Ads & Extensions.  
5.2 Use the three dots [MORE] menu and Upload Ads csv file to your Campaign. If you have added Campaign Name in Step 3: Missing Resources, you can import Ads to Google Editor for easy preview and manage your new RSA Ads.

Additional Steps to Improve Ad Strength: Wait until your new RSA Ads Status changes from "Under review" to "Eligible", filter out RSA with "Ad Strength"="Poor". Edit the Poor Ads, by adding Headlines using unique keywords/search terms from their Ad Group. Use phrases from the different ideas sections, for example, Call to action, Promotion, Trust, Location, and Shipping. Try to make the Ad Strength indicator to become at least an Average. Un-pinning any headlines usually does the trick if nothing else works.

Troubleshooting: When the Google Ads .csv file loads for more than 1 minute, you need to start a new session. Open a new browser tab. Open ETA2RSA login page. Click RUN button.

Please join us on Telegram with if you need help and leave feedback and your ideas.