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Comprehensive keyword research and accurate keyword grouping is the absolute bottom-line foundation of any pay-per-click campaign. Outsource our experts to do the most time-consuming work for you. We create successful campaigns.

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A Few Good Reasons to Choose Our PPC Service Company

A Few Good Reasons to Choose Our PPC Service Company

Over 15 Years of Google Ads Management Experience‍

Over 15 Years of Google Ads Management Experience

Our specialists have over a decade of PPC campaign management experience. Your campaigns will be created with great skill and knowledge.

Precise Keyword Grouping

Precise Keyword Grouping

We perform effective keyword grouping and create quality ad groups with relevant text ads. We make sure that your ads match users' search queries. We group keywords by user intent and their semantic relations to achieve the highest relevance.

PPC Consulting Provider

PPC Consulting Provider

Years of experience in paid search campaigns allowed us to test and implement the best industry practices. We will apply this knowledge to your campaigns for maximum efficiency. Geperion agency consultants make your satisfaction their top priority.

Thorough Keyword Research for Search Campaigns

Thorough Keyword Research for Search Campaigns

Impeccable keyword research is the core of any Google Search campaign. You have to know what search terms your potential customers use. Without it is impossible to optimize your website, to develop relevant content and to build best performing ads.

Affordable PPC Expert Services

We have created our own software to speed up campaign creation and optimization processes. By partially automating our services we can offer you affordable prices.

Keyword research for SEO

Creating Text Ads

We create compelling, targeted text ads that are crucial to a high-performance campaign. Enjoy the great benefits of well-written ad copy: improve your CTR, reduce CPA and get better quality score. We automate ad creation process, so you can get hundreds of them fast.

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Mapping Ads with the Most Relevant Landing Pages

We will make sure that your ads are created specifically for a particular keyword group and your landing page is 100% relevant to your ad. Stop wasting money on low Quality Score and Landing Page Experience issues. Transform your Search Ads Campaign results by having impeccably relevant, accurate groups matched to the best relevant pages.

PPC Services Process

Step 1

Fill in the form to request an estimate. We will ask you for your Google Ads Campaign ID.

Step 2

We evaluate the scope of your Google Ads optimization and provide you with an estimate. If our offer is accepted, we will extract converting keywords and all landing pages URLs.

Step 3

We will regroup your keywords into perfect groups. We will create new ads and match keyword groups to the most relevant landing pages.

Step 4

We will send you a new campaign file ready to be published to Google Ads Editor.

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