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We will discover all keyword ideas relevant to your business. Get your keywords organized into themes and ready to use in Google Ads campaigns.

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Keyword Themes Research

A Few Good Reasons to Do Keyword Theme Research with Us

Get the Most Thorough Keyword Theme Grouping

Get the Most Thorough Keyword Theme Grouping

We cluster keywords into relevant themes to create better targeted ads for Google Ads or Bing.

Matching Your Ads to Most Relevant Searches

Matching Your Ads to Most Relevant Searches

Keyword themes help Google match search queries with your ads. You need to show Google that your ad is more relevant than your competitors' to outperform them.

Improve Quality Score and Ad Rank

Improve Quality Score and Ad Rank

We achieve high Quality Score by getting your keywords clustered into themes. After keyword grouping, we create ads matching keyword groups. Our ads represent user intent which leads to improved CTR, Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Save Thousands on Google Ads

Save Thousands on Google Ads

Accurate keyword selection and grouping gives you better ad position & lowers your cost-per-click. Improvement in CTR, Ad Rank and Landing Page Experience will put you above your competitors. To help you save on ads, we provide negative keywords. They prevent you from targeting irrelevant keywords.

Keyword Theme Research in just 48 Hours

We make sure to uncover all keyword themes relevant to your products or services. Target the right keywords and achieve the highest SEO and PPC efficiency.

Keyword research for SEO

Themed Keyword Research for SEO

Get keyword themes which provide information on user intent and keyword context. Our keyword analysis will give you a strong basis for successful SEO.

Keyword research for google ads

Keyword Themes for Google Ads

Get all keywords customers use to find your business on Google. We use keyword themes research to create better targeted ads and winning campaigns.

Keyword Themes Process

Step 1

Fill in the form to request an estimate.

Step 2

Provide us with a list of your keywords. If you don't have them yet, we can extract relevant keyword ideas for you.

Step 3

We will analyze keywords and cluster them into perfect groups.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with the results, we will send you the final keyword themes grouping in the Excel file.

Keyword research report